Hi, I'm Jesse. I'm 17. This is a blog about things I like, fandom stuff mostly, Sherlock Doctor Who and Supernatural are my major ones. This blog is also for things that I find funny, or anything else that catches my interest. I really like books and movies, and playing video games, even though I hardly ever finish games I start. Ask me questions if you want, I'm always up for conversation, even if I'm kinda bad at it.




if i had superpowers id use them to get cheesey fries when ever i wanted them

I like that you didn’t even specify the superpower and were just like you’ll make it work




The Hulk ain’t never lied.

I can’t even express how much respect I have for Mark Ruffalo.  The dude’s on the US terrorism watchlist for fuck’s sake.

Omg, it’s true

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the 1995 Pride and Prejudice is so great it’s like *sticks exactly to the book, sticks exactly to the book, sticks exactly to the book COLIN FIRTH IN A WET SHIRT sticks exactly to the book, sticks exactly to the book*


Fun Fact: I am VERY bad a hydrating myself. If I ever die unexpectedly it’s probably because I just forgot to drink water for a week. 




nobody sees you cry when you weld


is this really going to be my first popular text post on this blog



I just wanna suck a dick right now. who’s around?

The Lord is and you need to have a talk with him

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